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Clients We Helped cooperates with large partners such as, which requires us to provide maintenance to our vehicles and batteries. We were looking for a supplier that would be flexible to our maintenance requirements and also drive the implementation of custom solutions. Reactor Energy met all our expectations from the start. They are open to custom solutions, focused on continuous improvement and we always get great commitment from everyone involved. We highly value their professionalism and knowledge.

Łukasz Banach

Co-founder Hop.City

How We Work

Step One
Step One

Project Scope

We meet or have a video call to gain insight into your product and battery requirements. This will enable us to discuss if you need one of our standard solutions or a custom battery, with design and materials that fit your functionality and fulfillment needs.

Step Two
Step Two


We design the enclosure/cell layout and source materials according to the project scope. We assemble a prototype, test it internally and ship it to you for testing. If you are happy we move to the next step! If changes are needed we repeat the process.

This is a paid process and depending on the battery size it can be between ~5000 PLN. If we end up working together, the price of prototyping is discounted in the first order.

Step Three
Step Three


After the prototype approval we adjust our machines to produce your battery efficiently and we start producing the first batch!

Step Four
Step Four

Warranty & Maintenance

We support your battery fleet. It's not comon, but if you have issues with batteries inside the warranty period, send them to us and we will fix them for free and ship back within 14 days of receipt. If they are not in the warranty, or even if they're not produced by us, we always try our best to give a hand in fixing any batteries at a fair price.

Got a Project To Estimate?

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Our batteries go through a 5-stage quality control process and have a product liability insurance.


2 year warranty for consumer applications, 1 year warranty for commercial applications. Repair & Maintenance service in Poland.


We use proprietary solutions in our products and strive to continuously innovate.

Reactor Energy Sp. z o.o.

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