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Hop.city was launched in 2017 and was one of the pioneers of the scooter rental segment in Poland. Their business model requires them to develop software and hardware that work in sync for the end user. The batteries on their scooters were often having problems leading to higher maintenance costs so they decided to look for a partner that could service their existing batteries and develop a battery that would be more reliable. That’s when our paths crossed!

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Step One
Step One

Project Scope

The challenge was to build a battery that would fit Hop.city’s scooter, enable speeds up to 45 Km/h, a range of 80-100 Km and comply with the highest safety standards. Since these scooters are used on a daily basis, it was also important that the battery would not lose capacity after the first year the commercial use.

Step Two
Step Two


We designed an enclosure and cell layout that would fit Hop.city’s scooters. We presented offers with several different cells, and the optimal one in price and performance was our Reactor Cell.

Step Three
Step Three


In order to comply with the highest safety standards, in collaboration with Poznan’s Battery Lab Claio, we’ve conducted a test on the first production batch according to the PN-EN 62133 norm.

Step Four
Step Four

Maintenance & Support

We received some damaged batteries from Hop.city’s previous supplier and assessed what would be the cost of repair. After agreeing on the service price, we repaired 300 batteries from their previous supplier.

For the batteries we produced we provided a 1 year warranty (commercial use), covering the maintenance of all batteries within warranty free of charge, and all maintenance outside of warranty period at a pre-established price.

Hop.city cooperates with large partners such as Pyszne.pl, which requires us to provide maintenance to our vehicles and batteries. We were looking for a supplier that would be flexible to our maintenance requirements and also drive the implementation of custom solutions. Reactor Energy met all our expectations from the start. They are open to custom solutions, focused on continuous improvement and we always get great commitment from everyone involved. We highly value their professionalism and knowledge.

Łukasz Banach

Co-founder Hop.City

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