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Nowadays E-biker is a market leading online reseller of bicycle conversion kits in Poland. But it didn’t start that way. It started with an idea, to sell a do-it-yourself conversion kit, a wheel with an electric motor and a battery, so that people could turn their bicycles into e-bikes. Reactor Energy is proud to have supported this start-up in launching a new category in the micro mobility space!

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Step One
Step One

Project Scope

The challenge was to build a range of batteries that was capable of powering electric motors of 500, 1000 and 2000 W, having a range of 80-100 Km while fitting in a classical bicycle frame.
Step Two
Step Two


To reach the requirements, we tested several Cells that would provide a bigger current output as well as more powerful BMS’s and Nikel strips with better conductivity. We guided E-biker’s team through the decision process of components that would fit their end-under requirements while keeping the battery cost under control.

We sourced a battery enclosure with a size and shape that would fit in most bicycle frames and a battery base that would allow the end user to easily mount and unmount the battery. We also made sure the battery had a USB connection for the end-user to charge his/her phone.

The results were two 48 V batteries and two 36 V batteries.

Step Three
Step Three


We provided "minimum order quantities vs pricing" conditions that allowed E-biker to launch this innovative category in a scalable way.

Together with E-biker Sales & Marketing team, we planned production to meet demand during seasonal peaks.

Step Four
Step Four

Maintenance & Support

We provided a 2 year warranty on the batteries and we cover the maintenance of all batteries within warranty free of charge.

We also handle the maintenance of E-biker batteries outside of the warranty period at a pre-established price.

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